Saturday Single No. 196

As much in tune with each other as the Texas Gal and I are most of the time, every once in a while we’ll each approach an ordinary task in such disparate ways that we end up baffled by the other’s thought process.

This happens most frequently when we’re driving somewhere. Even before I start the car and roll down our driveway toward Lincoln Avenue on an errand to, say, the Crossroads shopping mall on the west end of St. Cloud, I know which streets I’m going to take, the intersections where I’ll turn and those places where I’ll unavoidably have to wait for a left turn arrow at a traffic light (admittedly one of life’s smaller annoyances but one that I have yet to accept with tranquility).

The Texas Gal, however, will approach the same drive a little differently: Crossroads is on the west end of town, so she’ll head to the nearest bridge across the Mississippi River and then figure out where to go from there, moving toward her destination in deliberate, generally accurate steps, deciding on turns as they arrive. It’s kind of like a bird circling its prey before landing.

Neither of us fully understands the thought process of the other behind the wheel or why those processes are so different. Part of it, certainly, is that I grew up in St. Cloud, and even with all the changes during the twenty-five years I lived elsewhere, I still have a valid map of the city imprinted in my memory. The Texas Gal, of course, does not have that tool; but put her down anywhere in Dallas County, she says, and her routes from place to place would be far more direct. And the differences in our approaches might be a gender thing, as well. I don’t know. She acknowledged those possibilities this morning but said that she thought there might be something more fundamental working: “I’m a Pisces,” she said. “I flow.”

(For the record, I’m a Virgo. I plan.)

This quirky difference in our driving pops up most often when we’re going someplace familiar. When we’re heading someplace we’ve never been before, we work fairly well, with the Texas Gal as pilot and me as navigator. We’ll do that this afternoon, as we drive to a family gathering in Hugo, a city in the exurbs north of St. Paul. I have the maps already printed, charting our path from Anoka – the last truly familiar city on our route – east through Coon Rapids, Blaine, Lino Lakes and Centerville and into Hugo.

With her flow and my plan, we’ll be fine. Unless we run into detours because of road construction. It is summer in Minnesota, after all.

And taking all that into account, here are the Hoodoo Rhythm Devils, with a track off of their 1978 album All Kidding Aside. It’s “Correction In Your Direction,” today’s Saturday Single:

Hoodoo Rhythm Devils – “Correction In Your Direction”


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  1. Phil says:

    I’ve just left a comment on your Fever Tree post from a few days ago, so I’ll leave one here too…

    St Cloud, Coon Rapids, Blaine, Lino Lakes, Centerville and Hugo – such great names. You do a great job in painting a picture of life near the Mississippi for a boy from the UK!

    Spondon, Ockbrook, Borrowash, Stanley, Allestree, Duffield and Long Eaton – these were my locale, growing up in Derbyshire, England.


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