Saturday Single No. 226

I have little time here to spend here this morning. The Texas Gal and I are going to go out and play. After all, it’s her birthday.

Give that, it’s obvious that there’s only one record that works here today. It’s the only hit for a group from Montello, Wisconsin, having gone to No. 26 during the autumn of 1969. It was also, I think, the first record I ever taped from off the air during that autumn, my first season of really listening to Top 40 music.

So, happy birthday, honey! May we celebrate many more of them with music and laughter. Today, “Birthday” is your tune along with being today’s Saturday Single.


2 Responses to “Saturday Single No. 226”

  1. Yah Shure says:

    Happy birthday, Texas Gal!!

  2. Kiddie Corner Kid says:

    Hey, hey, hey . . . a fellow Februarian ! Happy Bday! T.G.

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