Saturday Single No. 258

This will be a brief post this morning, as I’m about to leave town for the day.

I’m heading over to Rob’s in St. Francis, and then he and I will head on down to the Twin Cities suburb of Plymouth for a day of Strat-O-Matic baseball with our pal Schultz and some other folks he knows.

Each of the eight of us has selected one team for the day; we’ll have two pools of four teams, with two teams advancing to the semifinals from there. Most of the guys have selected teams from the last twenty years or so. I saw that Schultz has chosen the 2006 Minnesota Twins, a good team. Rob and I – contrarians that we are – have gone the other way. Rob has chosen his historical go-to team, the 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates, a team with a wealth of very good pitchers and lots of speed. I have selected the 1948 Cleveland Indians, a good offensive team with some good pitching and one lights-out closer. We know our benches and bullpens will be thinner than will those of the newer teams, but we’ve got a good chance of one of us getting to the final.

Anyway, not having any new baseball tunes to share here, I went looking for Cleveland songs. And I found “Look Out, Cleveland” from The Band’s second, self-titled album, which came out in 1969. So it’s today’s Saturday Single:


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  1. Steve E. says:

    How long have you played Strat? I started in 1969 when I was 11. A guy who lived in my apartment complex had the 1963 teams, so my neighbor and I played those teams that summer. Then in the offseason I bought the 1969 cards, the year of the Miracle Mets. I have all of the 1960s and ’70s teams, both original and reissues, and one of my goals when I retire is to replay those seasons, since those are the players I love. And I want to play cards and dice. A daunting project, but I want to enjoy it in detail. I especially look forward to the ’60s Dodgers-Giants battles with Koufax vs. Marichal. (I stopped buying the current teams after the 1997 season.) Good luck with the 1948 Indians — the last Cleveland baseball team to win it all.

  2. Paco Malo says:

    Totally blew my mind. I’m sitting here listening to “Basement Tape” outtakes on a volume of the Dylan Bootleg Series and some force steers my cursor here, and what do I find but a wonderful Band deep album cut. Made my day, music bro’!

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