Saturday Single No. 261

Well, I noted three weeks ago that Rob and I headed off to Schultz’s place in the Twin Cities to play some Strat-O-Matic baseball. Rob won that tournament with his 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates.

And today, Rob, Rick and Schultz (otherwise known as Dan, for those who keep track of these things) will be here for another day of tabletop baseball, the sixth straight autumn the four of us have gotten together. (Well, Rick missed one year, but he told us which teams he would have played, and one his teams finished second, so he was here in spirit.)

Who’s in today’s tournament? Well, Rob is bringing back the 1922 St. Louis Browns, the winners in 2006 and 2007, and he’s entered the 1940 Cincinnati Reds. I’m piloting the 1948 Cleveland Indians (second in 2009) and the 1965 Twins. Rick has opted for the 1954 Cleveland Indians (second in 2008) and the 1930 Yankees. And Schultz has brought back the 1998 Atlanta Braves – the defending champions – and the 1970 Baltimore Orioles.

Given the impending festivities, I have things to do. So I’ll delve into history at YouTube and offer a 1908 recording of Edward Meeker singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” – including the rarely heard verses – and it’s today’s Saturday Single:


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  1. Steve E. says:

    The 1922 Browns are one of the greatest teams to not win a pennant, losing to Babe Ruth’s Yankees by just one game. Interesting that one of you is using the 1930 Yankees, who did not win the pennant but do have Ruth and Gehrig. How do you guys pick which teams to use? Just personal favorites for various reasons? Were I in your tournament, I’d bring the 1965 Dodgers and the 1974 Dodgers, probably my two favorite teams. (You can tell I grew up in Southern California.)

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