Saturday Single No. 295

From Wikipedia:

The Acadians are the descendants of the 17th-century French colonists who settled in Acadia, a colony of New France. The colony was located in what is now Eastern Canada’s Maritime provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island), as well as part of Quebec, and present-day Maine to the Kennebec River. Although today most of the Acadians and Québécois are French speaking Canadians, Acadia was a distinct colony of New France, and was geographically and administratively separate from the French colony of Canada (moden day Quebec), which led to Acadians and Québécois developing two rather distinct histories and cultures. The settlers whose descendants became Acadians came from “all the regions of France but coming predominantly directly from the cities.”

Prior to the British Conquest of Acadia in 1710, the Acadians lived for almost eighty years in Acadia. After the Conquest, they lived under British rule for the next forty-five years. During the French and Indian War, British colonial officers and New England legislators and militia carried out the Great Expulsion of 1755–1763. They deported approximately 11,500 Acadians from the maritime region. Approximately one-third perished from disease and drowning. One historian compared this event to a contemporary ethnic cleansing, while other historians suggested that the event is comparable with other deportations in history.

Many later settled in Louisiana, where they became known as Cajuns. Others were transported to France . . . . Later on many Acadians returned to the Maritime provinces of Canada, most specifically New Brunswick. Most who returned ended up in New Brunswick because they were barred by the British from resettling their lands and villages in the land that became Nova Scotia.

Two-hundred and fifty-seven years ago today – on June 16, 1755 – the French surrendered Fort Beauséjour to the British, an event that led directly to the expulsion of the Acadians.

That’s why the Roches’ cover of The Band’s “Acadian Driftwood” – from the 2007 tribute album Endless Highway: The Music of The Band – is today’s Saturday Single.


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  1. David Lenander says:

    The Roches have contributed tracks to so many Tribute albums that they could probably put out an album of just those. Would make up a pretty good album, too.

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