Saturday Single No. 319

I was going to write a brief post this morning about today’s plans: The autumn installment of this year’s two-part Strat-O-Matic baseball tournament, with Rick, Rob and Dan joining me in the dining room (and the Texas Gal likely taking her laptop and her homework to the quiet of the public library). But two of the guys haven’t been feeling well this week, so we’ve postponed the get-together to a yet-to-be-determined Saturday in January.

It’s probably just as well. A snowstorm is headed our way, expected to whirl out of the Dakotas and into Minnesota sometime in the late afternoon, right about the time the four of us would be playing our final series of the day. The storm is expected to bring between five and eight inches of snow, and it wouldn’t be a good time for the other three guys to be making their ways home.

So I find myself – as I frequently do – improvising as Saturday morning ticks away. I thought I might play some games with numbers and dig into some of the Billboard Hot 100 charts from the second week of December during the years from 1969 to 1974, but that idea kept bringing me mostly well-known records that didn’t thrill me. So I punted and decided to simply embrace the one record I found in those charts at No. 32 – the sum of today’s date of 12-8-12 – that’s not over-familiar.

The Chairmen of the Board recorded for the Invictus label, a Detroit record company owned by the former Motown writing and production team of Edward Holland, Jr., Lamont Dozier and Brian Holland. And in December 1970, the single “Pay to the Piper” was sitting at No. 32 on its way to No. 13. While not quite as good as the group’s gorgeous “Give Me Just A Little More Time,” which had gone to No. 3 earlier that year, “Pay to the Piper” is a pretty good record, and it’s today’s Saturday Single.


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  1. porky says:

    when I started discovering “oldies” (ugh what an awful word) I heard the Showmen’s “It Will Stand” and knew that voice from somewhere. Gad, what pipes!! Also dig “Danglin’ On a String” from this same era.

    Long ago was plotting a song sequence for an imaginary radio station (of course I’m one of those guys, why would I be at this site?) and came up with “Duncan” by Paul Simon; “Yo Yo” by the Osmonds and “Danglin’ on a String” as mentioned above. Good thing I outgrew that nerdy stage……..

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