Saturday Single No. 330

I don’t have anything more to say about “Tangerine” (discussed earlier this week here and here), but I came across one more version of the Johnny Mercer/Victor Schertzinger tune this week that I feel compelled to share. And as I’m a little short on energy this morning, that works out fine.

Jazz trumpeter Chet Baker included his version of the song on his 1974 album She Was Too Good to Me. Joining Baker on the track were Ron Carter on bass, Bob James on keyboards, Paul Desmond on alto saxophone and Steve Gadd on drums. I’m not altogether sure why this jazz version worked for me and the Dave Brubeck “Tangerine” cover I heard the other day didn’t.

Whatever the reason, Chet Baker’s take on the song talks to me, and that’s why it’s today’s Saturday Single.

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2 Responses to “Saturday Single No. 330”

  1. porky says:

    someone (JB?) must remember like I do “Tangerine” being used as a 70’s jingle for something called “Figureines,” a diet “candy bar” or some such nonsense.

  2. Paco Malo says:


    Indeed, as Jakob Dylan once put it, in another context, for The Wallflowers: “Josephine, you’re so sweet, you must taste just like tangerines and sugar.”

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