Saturday Single No. 398

I write this during a break in a busy couple of days. I’ve written many times about my college year in Fredericia, Denmark, how it changed my life and the hold it will always have on me. I’ve been reminded last night and this afternoon how it did the same for – and has the same grip on – the others who spent those months in Fredericia as well.

We’re celebrating this weekend with a reunion marking forty years since we came back from that marvelous academic year. About thirty of us showed up here in St. Cloud last night for an informal get-together and slide show; the same number took a tour of the St. Cloud State University campus this morning and ate lunch on campus, greeted by representatives of the university’s International Studies program and its Alumni Relations office.

And this evening, about forty of us – with some wives, husbands and partners joining in – will dine and celebrate at St. Cloud’s River’s Edge Convention Center, telling more tales and catching up on who we are now and how much it meant for each of us to get on that airplane in September 1973 and fly into the unknown. Like the adventure so many years ago that made tonight’s gathering possible, it will be a wonderful time.

And here’s a song from our distant days that I’ve evidently never shared or mentioned. It’s one that one of our fellows discovered on one of his tapes as our final days in Fredericia approached in May 1974. He played the song on the tape player in the lounge, and we listened and nodded, and for the rest of our time in Fredericia, I’m sure we heard the song at least once a day, and we sang along.

Here’s “To Each His Own” by American, from the group’s 1973 album Homecoming, and it’s today’s Saturday Single.


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