Saturday Single No. 768

I went back to Tucson this morning, checking out some more info on the playlist survey from KWFM that brought us Brewer & Shipley yesterday. One portion of the survey I’d not mentioned yesterday was the list of new albums and featured cuts, which included work by artists such as Lighthouse, Repairs, Steve Kuhn, Ron Cornelius, Taj Mahal, Colonel Bagshot, Pendulum & Co., and a few others, not all of whom I know.

I checked out “Sleep My Lady,” one of the featured cuts on the self-titled Pendulum & Co. album. It was folky and pretty and, yeah, it would put the targeted lady asleep pretty damned quickly. If you’re gonna do lutes and flutes, you gotta make it interesting, not somnolent.

I sampled a few more of the featured cuts and then went back to a band I know, though I did not know the track: Here’s “Rockin’ Chair.” It’s from Lighthouse’s 1971 album Thoughts Of Movin’ On, and it was a featured track at KWFM fifty years ago. It’s also today’s Saturday Single.


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  1. Casey says:

    I picked this album up quite a while ago. Found it in a dusty bin and loved the album cover. I thought it was going to be a little bit psych and was a little more horn than I gravitate to. I was disappointed and filed it away, Forgotten and ignored. Anyway, the album is still not my Chock full o’Nuts, but this song you just shared is not too shab-shab! And almost as much fun as risking a coffee burn on the tongue. Thanks for bringing out one of the deep tracks to spark the imagination. Stay safe and well. ~peace

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