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One At Random

Thursday, November 5th, 2020

I thought that today, I’d dig into the larger universe of digital files I keep stacked in the RealPlayer and see what mischief we can find in one click. We’ll set the cursor in the middle of the column of 81,141 tracks and go from there, with no filters for weirdness, except that tracks shorter than a minute will be ignored.

And we land on “Don’t Talk Now,” a bluesy, earthy track by a group called Brethren. Discogs tells me that it’s the second track on the group’s first, self-titled release, a 1970 album that was followed by one more release, 1971’s Moment Of Truth. The folks at AllMusic classify the group’s rough-edged sound as “psychedelic/garage” pop rock, and that might be about right. Alternatively, it’s just as easy to say that the group’s members had likely been listening a lot to The Band.

I don’t have the second album in the stacks, and I have no idea where the first one came from, likely from a blog around ten to fifteen years ago.

According to the blog johnkatzatmc5, Brethren was from New York, and its members moved into session work after the group’s two albums came out. The first, self-titled, album, the blog says, is notable for liner notes written by Dr. John, who added some keyboard work as well. The blog notes, “The band was: Tom Cosgrove (guitar, vocals and percussion), Mike Garson (keyboards, composer), Rick Marotta (drums) and Stu Woods (bass, clavinet, vocals). Next to Dr. John, Rusty Young of Poco played steel pedal.”

The group has a home page at YouTube with videos for all the tracks on both albums. Some other stuff shows up there, too, maybe by groups with the same name. Brethren released one single, “Midnight Train” from the first album. It doesn’t seem to have made any dent in the charts (though I could be missing something).

Here’s “Don’t Talk Now.”