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A Note From Peter Nero

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

In one of those cool things that occasionally happen with a blog, Tuesday’s post elicited a response from one of the featured musicians. I wrote a little about Peter Nero’s version of Michel Legrand’s “Theme from ‘Summer of ’42’,” and I looked at a few other covers of that beautiful song.

And late Wednesday evening, a comment came in from Peter Nero himself, noting that he’s long thought the words to the song – written by Alan and Marilyn Bergman – were superfluous. Here’s some of what he said:

While I love the work of the Bergmans, I thought they missed the mark with their lyrics to Michel Legrand’s poignant melody, heard throughout the film.

There are certain melodies that speak for themselves and are meant to convey the feeling evoked by the score AND film and Michel’s theme is as good an example as there is. . . .

Maybe I’m way off base but that was my reaction the first time I heard the lyric. . . .

As a theme that has a life of its own and exudes the mood and aura of the motion picture, the theme from The Summer of ’42 needs to be left as is.

As I pondered those words overnight, I realized I agree with Nero’s assessment, and that’s likely why – without really thinking about it beforehand – all four of the versions of the “Theme from ‘The Summer of ’42’” that I featured were instrumentals (including the not-particularly-serious disco version by the Biddu Orchestra). Here, again, is a link to Nero’s version.

And, because I love saxophone, here’s Dave Koz and his take on “The Summer Knows (Theme from Summer of ’42)” from his 2007 album At the Movies.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a look at what actually was on the Billboard chart on that long-ago rainy day when I helped unpack filing cabinets.