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Saturday Single No. 458

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

While the Texas Gal is off at a church meeting this morning, one of my tasks is to get the kitchen ready for pickling this afternoon: Our cucumbers are thriving this summer.

Not having much time to dally, I took a quick look at the Billboard Hot 100 from August 8, 1970, forty-five years ago today. And taking into account today’s date – 8/8 – I ran down the list until I hit No. 88.

There I found “Mongoose” by Elephant’s Memory. That’s the band that backed John Lennon and Yoko Ono on the 1972 album Some Time In New York City. The group released several albums and numerous singles on its own, including a few on the Beatles’ Apple label. But in 1970, that was all still to come. And “Mongoose” was in its first of what would turn out to be fourteen weeks on the chart. It would peak at No. 50, the group’s only single in the Hot 100. (“Crossroads Of The Stepping Stones” had bubbled under at No. 120 in 1969.)

It’s an odd song and record about, as one might expect, a confrontation between a mongoose and a cobra. Perhaps there’s a deeper meaning, but I’m not going to dig for it today. I have to get the kitchen ready for pickles.

So here’s “Mongoose” by Elephant’s Memory, today’s Saturday Single: