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Saturday Single No. 186

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

This will be brief, as I have an exciting day ahead of me.

This baseball season is the first for the Minnesota Twins in their new ballpark in downtown Minneapolis, Target Field. (And it’s truly a ballpark, designed for baseball and nothing more.) I’ve wanted to see the place, but tickets for games will be scarce this year, I’ve heard, and the Texas Gal and I have made no plans to scavenge any.

But Rob dropped me an email the other week, saying that he’d managed to secure two tickets to today’s game between the Twins and the Milwaukee Brewers. Did I want to go?

Silly question, right?

So in an hour or so, I’ll head off to St. Francis, and Rob and I will head from his place into downtown Minneapolis and Target Field. Now, with all its imperfections and quirks, I didn’t always mind watching baseball at the Metrodome, where the Twins played for twenty-eight seasons. But it’s supposed to be sunny and fairly warm today, and it’s going to be nice to be sitting in the sunshine, sipping a good brew and watching baseball. And the Twins seem to have a pretty good team this season. It should be a fun day.

So here’s a performance by a Minneapolis flash mob, dancing on April 15 right outside Target Field to a mash-up of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” and “We’re Gonna Win Twins,” the team’s official fight song. And though it’s a little different than what we usually do here, it’s today’s Saturday Single:

See you next week!