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Saturday Single No. 450

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

A week ago, I mused here on things breaking down, noting our need for some repairs to the Nissan Versa and our need for a new recliner for the Texas Gal.

We got the first of those taken care of this week. The folks at the nearby tire place glanced at the car last weekend and told me there was a problem with the muffler, which is what I’d expected. They suggested that I take the car to a place up the road that deals with exhaust systems.

I’d been there before, likely for work on our long-gone Sentra, so on Monday, I took the Versa to the exhaust shop, and for a very reasonable price, the fellow there welded a patch and muffled the rumble. I asked him how long the repair would last, and he said about five to seven years. That sounded okay: The Versa is eight years old, and by that time, we’ll likely have replaced it. One thing solved.

The chair for the Texas Gal is more problematic. We’d like to avoid leather, because cat claws would rapidly leave scars in it. And fabric is difficult because everything we’ve looked at so far is made with polyester, and fumes from new polyester cause me great difficulty. We’re going to see if we can find anything made with natural fabrics, but price is a consideration. It’s a challenge, but we’ll find a solution, I’m sure.

There are, it turns out, many chairs – though none the Texas Gal can recline in – on the digital shelves here at the EITW studios. A search for “chair” brings up ninety-seven mp3s, ranging from a self-titled album by the 1960s group Comfortable Chair to about twenty mp3s that have the words “rocking chair” – or a variant thereof – in their titles.

Now, we’re not exactly looking for a rocking chair for the living room, but here that works fine. So, selected from a lot of similarly titled tracks, here is Gwen McCrae’s “Rockin’ Chair” from 1975. It’s today’s Saturday Single.