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‘Fly Me Through The Night . . .’

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

There have been more previews here lately than full posts. That’s something that displeases me, but it’s the way life goes, I guess. And here’s another one.

One of the lesser-known LPs on my shelves is a 1974 release by a woman named Kathy Dalton: Boogie Bands & One Night Stands. The album is a repackaging of a 1973 album by Dalton – one titled Amazing – with the addition of the title tune:

That’s a pretty decent record. There are no credits on the album jacket (and the interior sleeve that might have listed them was long gone before I got the LP) but plenty of online sites like this one confirm what a now deleted YouTube video noted: Dalton’s backing band on the album was Little Feat. (I noted also the presence of a few other names of note in the credits, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Clydie King and Carl Wilson among them.)

So why today? Because it was in early September in 1974 that “Boogie Bands & One Night Stands” was sitting just below the Billboard Hot 100. In the chart released on September 7, 1974, the single was bubbling under at No. 101, up three spots from the week before. The record would spend the next five weeks in the Hot 100, peaking at No. 72. I don’t recall hearing it back then, but it’s a pretty decent record.

Tomorrow, if the road is smooth here, I’ll look at that Hot 100 from the first week of September 1974 and then we’ll see what other gems lie in its deeper reaches.