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Saturday Single No. 363

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

No time to dilly-dally! I have guests coming to play Strat-O-Matic baseball!

In less than two hours, Rick, Rob and Dan will be here for the eighth edition of our annual tournament. During the first six years, we did a one-day, eight-team tourney. Last year, we expanded to sixteen teams over two days. This year, because of scheduling conflicts, we went back to the original format, and we’ll debate what to do next year as we make our way through the day’s action.

This year’s teams?

Dan has the defending champion 1998 Braves and the 1995 Indians. Rob has last year’s runner-up, the 1920 Indians, and the 1996 Indians. Rick is bringing in the 1946 Red Sox and the 1968 Tigers, both of whom he’s played in the past. I’m the only player bringing in newcomers, adding the slugging-rich and pitching-poor 1930 Cardinals to the mix and bringing in the pitching rich and (generally) ethically challenged 1919 White Sox.

I should note that two weeks ago, at Dan’s, I shifted at the last moment from the 1941 Yankees to the 1948 Indians, moving closer to the year of my 1950 Joe Gordon baseball card. It worked, at least a little: The Indians won two of three in pool play to advance to the semifinals, and then one another game to advance to the finals. There, my boys ran into Dan’s 1927 Yankees. Lou Gehrig hit two home runs and the Yankees won 9-6.

I’m giving both Joe Gordon and Al Simmons a rest today, but I have high hopes for George “Showboat” Fisher of the 1930 Cardinals. A product of Albany High School just about 25 miles up the interstate from here (and laid to rest in the even closer burg of Avon, where for years, his family ran a supper club), Fisher batted .374 for the Cardinals in 1930, one of twelve Cardinals – eight regulars and four regular substitutes (40 games or more) – to bat .300 or more that season. That was a hitter’s year throughout the National League, so the Cards’ pitching is suspect, but I’m hoping Showboat and his boys knock enough balls around the park here under the oaks to bring me a title.

(Of course, if it’s the Black Sox who win, I’ll be pleased, too.)

Anyway, to cap things off and let me get back to preparations, here’s a suitable tune that I may have shared here on such days before: Mabel Scott’s 1950 romp, “Baseball Boogie,” and it’s today’s Saturday Single.