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‘Through The Drizzling Rain . . .’

Friday, June 18th, 2021

When I ask the RealPlayer to sort for the word “Friday,” I get twenty-four results back. Two of them are performances by The Band from the mid-1990s on the NBC show Friday Night Videos. The rest are all tunes with “Friday” in their titles.

Some of them have shown up here before, like Nancy Sinatra’s “Friday’s Child,” an odd, jarring song (written, unsurprisingly by Ms. Sinatra’s mentor, Lee Hazlewood, who specialized in the odd and jarring).

Most of the other Friday songs, I believe, have been left unexamined. So I settled, simply because of the worldplay in its title on “Friday Mourning” a 1970 B-side by the group Mid Day Rain. It got here via the massive Lost Jukebox project that showed up on the ’Net some years ago, most of which I managed to capture.

And I can learn nothing about the Mid Day Rain except that the group evidently had just the one single released: “Welcome To The Rain/Friday Mourning.” There are no other releases listed at discogs, and no entry for the group in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles. (I didn’t really expect to find one there, but one covers the bases.)

“Friday Mourning” was written by one S. Arrell, and “Welcome To The Rain” came from someone named Davis, with both tracks produced by John Florez and both songs published by Lenco Music. “Welcome To The Rain” was the A-side of the RCA release, and that’s really all I know, except that I read that Gnarls’ Barkley’s “Online” sampled “Welcome To The Rain.”

And that “Friday Mourning” is kind of a dreamy, lost-in-the-mist song, and it’s decent listening.