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‘Summer Sunshine’

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Well, I missed the solstice today. According to Wikipedia and, the summer solstice took place at 5:07 this morning, with the sun’s northward trek for this year coming to its peak. So I missed the actual moment, and – with the skies here in St. Cloud expected to be cloudy all day – I won’t benefit greatly from sunshine during the so-called longest day of the year.

St. Cloud will have about fifteen hours and forty minutes of daylight today, according to Time.Unitarium, with the sun having risen at 5:29 this morning (right about the time Oscar the cat roused me from sleep, asking for his breakfast) and setting this evening at 9:09.

So we’ll have little summer sunshine outside today, but here inside, we’ve got that covered. A search through the digital files brought us “Summer Sunshine” from a group called Misty Morn. I know nothing about the group, and a cursory search this morning told me not much more than that the record was released on Epic as a promo in 1969. (I do not know if there was a regular release.)

I did find a link to what seems to be text from the August 16, 1969, edition of Cashbox, noting that the record was a “[s]low, softly building ballad with the stylish appeal to attract notice on MOR and teen circuits.” But the record never hit the charts in either Cashbox or Billboard.

I evidently found the record on a 2010 compilation on the Pet label titled Soft Sounds For Gentle People 5 (Far-Out Treasures From California And Beyond, 1966-1969). And it’s a pleasant diversion for a day that somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere will be filled with “Summer Sunshine.”