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Saturday Single No. 267

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

It was nearly a year ago – last January – when I wrote about beginning the process of replacing our second car, at that time a 1998 Nissan Sentra. I never wrote about our actually getting a different vehicle because, well, it seems to me that there wasn’t much interesting in our visits over the first six or seven months of the year to various used car lots.

The Texas Gal and I would walk around the used cars at whatever lot we were visiting, figuratively kick some tires and eventually attract the attention of a sales person. We might take a vehicle or two out for a test drive, but visit after visit, lasting into the summer, left us shaking our heads, as we were not finding whatever it was we thought we were waiting for.

The search ended sometime during the summer; I don’t actually recall which month. We got a Chevrolet Cavalier that’s about eight years old with not a lot of miles on it. The Texas Gal drives it to work and back, and that’s about all we use it for. The Nissan Versa, which I now drive on a routine basis, remains our main vehicle.

So that’s not all that exciting. Nor is today’s news very riveting: We’re getting new tires for the Cavalier today. What is a trifle amusing is that there are four different brands of tires on the Cavalier, all purchased – one would assume – at different times and all, based on the recommendations of our friendly tire guy down the street, very much in need of replacement. As it turned out, our friendly tire guy’s estimate for new tires was a fair amount higher than the estimate we got from a place across town, so in a brief time, I’ll be taking the Cavalier across the river and down Roosevelt Road. And that errand will no doubt take most of my morning.

As I’ve been writing, I’ve also been going through my tunes for a song with an automotive connection. I didn’t find anything about buying tires. There are plenty of songs about being tired, of course, ranging from the Beatles “I’m So Tired” through lots of covers of “Sick and Tired,” but I passed on those. Searches for “wheels” and “drive” left me similarly uninspired. And I dabbled around with a search on “car,” finding and then discarding Percy Thrillington’s lovely instrumental version of “Back Seat of My Car,” as I’d shared it here already about two years ago.

I thought about Jefferson Airplane’s “She Has Funny Cars” and was listing to that very good piece by Kantner, Kaukonen et al. when I realized that I could just go back to the original track where Mr. Thrillington got his inspiration. So here, from 1971’s Ram, are Paul & Linda McCartney and “Back Seat of My Car,” today’s Saturday Single:

(Yes, I am well aware that Percy Thrillington is Paul McCartney. The album Thrillington, an instrumental take on the entire Ram album created as sort of an inside joke, is nicely done and actually kind of fun.)