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Saturday Single No. 266

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

One of the last times the Texas Gal and I went to the Twin Cities for a live performance was in March, when we saw the Big Head Blues Club and its special guests in a concert celebrating the centennial of Robert Johnson’s birth. When I wrote about the evening and its surprises, I didn’t write about our drive home.

We’d intended to stay in a hotel a block away from Orchestra Hall in downtown Minneapolis, but after we’d checked in and gone to dinner, a minor mishap dictated that we check back out and be ready to head back to St. Cloud after the show. That was disappointing but not devastating. As we’d gone to dinner, however, the snow had begun to fall.

We swept two inches of snow off the car as we reloaded all our stuff before heading to the concert. The snow fell all during the show, and we swept another two inches off the car before we headed out of downtown Minneapolis and toward home in the middle of a snowstorm. We crawled the seventy or so miles back to St. Cloud and got home at about 2 a.m. Altogether, the storm dropped about six to eight inches on the Twin Cities and St. Cloud.

We’re clearly hoping that we won’t have similar misfortune this evening. We’re celebrating our anniversary a little more than a month late with another performance in the Twin Cities, this time a comedy show at the Cinema Grill in New Hope, a suburb northwest of Minneapolis. We’ll have dinner and then be entertained by comedian Spencer Dobson, a native Midwesterner who spent some time in Los Angeles and then had the wisdom to return to the Midwest.

The Texas Gal bought the tickets about two months ago, and as she showed me the receipt, she said, “As long as it doesn’t snow, we’ll be fine.”

Today’s forecast for the Twin Cities calls for snow, starting this afternoon and continuing on through the night, with two to four inches expected in the northwestern suburbs. When we heard the forecast, we just looked at each other and laughed. We’ll be okay, as there shouldn’t be much snow on the road when we get into the Cities (and the theater is no more than a mile from the freeway), and we’ll be driving out of the storm – and we’ll be in the clear in about twenty miles, I think – on our way home.

It should be a fun night, regardless of the weather. And the thought of seeing a comedy show put me in mind of a tune that Robbie Robertson wrote and performed for a 1983 movie with an apt title for this evening. So here’s “Between Trains” from The King of Comedy, and it’s today’s Saturday Single.